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 The Coastguard Centre is the operational part of the Coastguard. It is accommodated on the Navy Base in Den Helder. The Ministry of Defence is responsible for the operational command of the Coastguard. It functions as a Communication and Co-ordination Centre and is officially appointed as the Dutch Maritime and Aeronautical Rescue Co-ordination Centre (JRCC). The Communication and Co-ordination Centre is internally also called the Front Office. It has a continuous occupation of 5 persons:

- 1 Duty Officer
- 3 Watch Officers
- 1 Law Enforcement Officer

The address of the Coastguard Centre is: Rijkszee- en Marinehaven 1 1781 ZZ Den Helder The Netherlands

At the entrance of the Navy base you must show your identity papers (passport or drivers license) to get an admission ticket. The Coastguard Centre is situated right besides a large black coloured building with a radar dome on top.

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Also a Back Office is situated in the building of the Coastguard Centre. Various Law Enforcement Services deliver personnel for this office. In case of incidents the various databases are consulted and the necessary information is combined to perform integral appearance in case of incidents and offenses.