Besides the six ministries (see page ‘About us’) The Netherlands Coastguard closely cooperates with the following services and departments:

  • Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Organization
  • The regional Traffic Control Centers alng the Dutch coast
  • The Hydro Meteo Centre North Sea (HMCN), run by Sea and Delta Department of Public Works and Water Management
  • The Maritime Police of the National Police Force
  • The Search and Rescue unit at Leeuwarden air base
  • Satellite Earth Station ‘Stratos’ in Burum, The Netherlands
  • Cooperating Operators of The Netherlands Oil and Gas Industry
  • Radio Medical Service of the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Organization
  • Royal Netherlands Life-saving Society
  • The Dutch Safety Regions
  • Air Traffic Control Centers at Schiphol airport (civil aviation) and Nieuw-Milligen (military aviation)
  • The Rescue Coordination Centers in neighboring North Sea countries
  • Salvage Company BST, Dintelsas