Nautical Assets

The coastguard can call upon the following resources:

Governmental Shipping Company.
The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is managing a Governmental Shipping Company. From this company four vessels are permanently appointed to The Netherlands Coastguard.
Salvage vessel Guardian with home port Den Helder is the Emergency Towing Vessel (ETV) of The Netherlands Coastguard. The task of the Guardian is to prevent calamities. With windforce 5 bft she is always at sea. The vessel is also used for fishery inspection, oil spillage prevention and maritime traffic research. This vessel is not owned by the Governmental Shipping Company, but this Company is managing the contract between the ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management  and Multraship.
Patrol vessels Visarend and Zeearend and Barend Biesheuvel
Also from the Governmental Shipping Company we can call upon:
Three seagoing Buoyage Tenders, Frans Naerebout, Rotterdam and Terschelling and four smaller buoyage tenders for the larger inland waters, Nieuwe Diep, Schuitengat, Vliestroom and Waddenzee. Their task is to maintain, service, repair, or (re)placing buoys.
Multipurpose vessels Arcaand Zirfaea with home port Scheveningen. The task of the Arca is combating oil. Besides this, the vessel, together with the Zirfaea does Hydro- and Oceanographical research.

Ministry of Defence
The coastguard can call upon a mine combatting vessel from the ministry of Defence, (for example: used for clearing out explosives and fishery control) If necessary the Coastguard can also call upon other ships of the Royal Netherlands Navy, such as frigates and hydrographical vessels and a number of smaller patrol vessels of the Militairy Police.

Ministry of Justice and Security:
The Coastguard can call upon a number of police surveillance vessels, example: P42. They are stationed along the North Sea coast and the IJsselmeer

Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Organization
Co-operation with the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Organization is very important for the Netherlands Coastguard. The RNSO has a fleet of 75 lifeboats divided over 46 stations along the North Sea coast, the Waddenzee, the IJsselmeer and the Zeeland and Zuid Holland Estuaries. These lifeboats are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and are mostly manned by volunteers. The Jeanine Parqui from Hook of Holland and the George Dijkstra from Ter Heijde are examples of lifeboats of the RNSO.

Private Salvage company
The Zuidholland- and Zeeland estuaries are part of the SAR resposibility area of the Netherlands Coastguard. In this area there is an operational agreement for SAR duties between the Netherlands Coastguard and BST-Dintelsas b.v. (Bergings en Sleepdienst Theunisse, a Salvage company located at Dintelsas.) For 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, the Netherlands Coastguard can call upon the well equipped materiel of BST the Hellegat, a fast going 'life'boat and the Furie 3, a salvage vessel.

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Salvage vessel Guardian with home port Den Helder is the Emergency Towing Vessel (ETV) of The Netherlands Coastguard." data-share-imageurl="">