Maritime assistance services

Emergency number 0900-0111
VHF Channel 16
MMSI number: 002442000
Call for emergency assistance if lives and/or vessels are endangered.
Contact a support provider (see listed providers for example)
Maritime support applies if the situation is not an emergency, but help is needed.

Emergency assistance

Specific information is important when reporting an emergency to the Coastguard Centre (emergency number 0900-0111 or +31223542300 or VHF channel 16):

Who name of the vessel, person
What the situation / type of vessel / colour / size
Where (geographic) position / sailing route / itinerary / schedule
Which type of assistance needed
When time of last recorded contact or known location

Maritime support (breakdown assistance)

If you require maritime support (breakdown assistance) where there is no immediate danger, contact a (commercial) support provider for help. For example in the event of engine problems, a broken mast, if you need to be towed or something else. The overview below lists a number of organisations that operate in Dutch waters. The Coastguard runs an operational centre for the coordination of emergency assistance in situations where lives or vessels are in immediate danger.

Providers per area


Name Telephone number Area
Algemene Maritieme Reddingsdienst Nederland +3185-0655358 Whole
Boothulp IJsselmeer +316-41596086 /+316-51284153  IJsselmeer North/Middle: Makkum, Workum, Stavoren, Vrouwenzand, Lemmer, Enkhuizen, Medemblik, Andijk and Den Oever Binnen
HEBO Maritiemservice B.V. +316-65070663 /+3138-3868180 Whole
Heijsman Scheepsbouw & Reparatie +316-16104497 Whole
KNRM +31 88 999 6100 or KNRM Helps app Whole
Lima Delta B.V. +316-27906569 IJsselmeer Middle: Enkhuizen, Andijk, Medemblik, Stavoren, Lemmer, Urk, Vrouwezand, Steilebank
Noordwaard Sleepbedrijf & Maritieme Dienstverlening +316-29412986 Makkum until Kornwerderzand 
Post Workboats +316-55824872  IJsselmeer Zuid
Sleepbedrijf Bootsma BV +316-50666867 Makkum until Den Oever, Stavoren
Sleepdienst Delhaas +316-25342802 /+316-24198825 Noordelijk IJsselmeergebied; Makkum, Friesche Kust until Stavoren, Kornwerderzand, Afsluitdijk, Den Oever


Name Telephone number Area
Algemene Maritieme Reddingsdienst Nederland +3185-0655358 Whole
HEBO Maritiemservice B.V. +316-65070663 /+3138-3868180 Whole
KNRM +31592-390451 or KNRM Helps app Whole
Kroezen Scheepstechniek Ketelhaven +316-42951154 Ketelmeer, Vossemeer, Zwarte Water, Randmeren, IJssel
Lima Delta B.V. +316-27906569 Whole
Post Workboats +316-55824872 Ketelmeer, Vossemeer/Zwartewater (in collaboration with

 Kroezen Scheepstechniek)

SIKA Dienstverlening  +316-11618868 / +316-46102341 Markermeer zuidzijde until Harderwijk
Waterhulpdienst  +316-55924401 /+3135-5253604 IJmeer, Markermeer, Gooimeer, Eemmeer and Nijkerkernauw

North Sea

Name Telephone number Area
HEBO Maritiemservice B.V. 06-65070663 / 038-3868180 South of IJmuiden
KNRM +31 (0) 88 999 6100 or KNRM Helps app Whole
Multraship Salvage B.V. +31115-645000 Whole
TacSupport +316-23976673 /+31251-340007   North Sea area between Noordwijk and Egmond aan Zee

Waddenzee and nearby North Sea

Name Telephone number Area
Bos Marine Services +316-15088940 /+31519-349422 Waddenzee from Holwerd until Eemshaven, North Sea from Ameland until Borkum, Lauwersmeer, Dokkumerdiep and Reitdiep
Bruuzer Marine Service +316-20031474 Waddenzee, North Sea around Texel
KNRM +31 88 999 6100 or KNRM Helps app Whole
Rederij Noordgat +316-53105466 /+316-51284153 /+3156-2443044 Terschelling, Vlieland, Harlingen, Kornwerderzand, Texel, Den Oever and Den Helder
Sleepbedrijf Bootsma BV +316-50666867 Harlingen until Breezanddijk
Sleepdienst Delhaas +316-25342802 /+316-24198825 Near shipping locks Kornwerderzand
Ubels Offshore  +316-21857498 /+316-50505101  Eems until Dollard, Waddengebied from De Lauwers until German wadden
Veltman Marine Service +316-20620933 Wantij Terschelling (eastside Oosterom), Ameland, Schiermonnikoog, Lauwersoog and North Sea above Terschelling until Westereems/Huibertgat

Zeeuwse stromen / Wester- en Oosterschelde

Name Telephone number Area
KNRM +31 (0) 88 999 6100 or KNRM Helps app Whole
MRD Marinesupport B.V. 06-53642132 / 06-11845672 Grevelingenmeer
Multraship Salvage B.V. +316-53808213 / +31115-645000 Whole
Polderman Berging B.V. 06-30756551 / 0113 – 381550 Westerschelde, Oosterschelde

Zuid-Hollandse stromen

Name Telephone number Area
Algemene Maritieme Reddingsdienst Nederland +3185-0655358 Brabantse and Dortse Biesbosch, Oude Maas, Nieuwe Maas, Hollands Diep until Haringvlietbrug, De Noord, Beneden Merwede, Boven Merwede, Nieuwe Merwede, Dortse Kil
BST Dintelsas +31167-523 288 Hollandsdiep, rondom complex Volkeraksluizen , Zoommeer/Volkerak, Zuid Vlije en Schelde Rijnverbinding until Kreekraksluizen. In collaboration with other providers: Hollandsdiep, Haringvliet (oostzijde), Grevelingen and Oosterschelde (eastside).
HEBO Maritiemservice B.V. +316-65070663 /+3138-3868180 Whole

+3188 999 6100 or KNRM Helps app

MRD Marinesupport B.V. +316-53642132 /+316-11845672 Haringvliet
Multraship Salvage B.V. +316-53808213 / +31115-645000 Whole
Tender & Marine Service  +316-24921763 Hollandsdiep, Haringvliet, Oude Maas, Dordse Kil, Biesbosch, waters surrounding Rotterdam

Make sure that you know the conditions for the provision of help and any costs involved. If necessary, contact your insurance company to ask which expenses are covered and which are not. The Coastguard is not responsible for incorrect or outdated information about the above-mentioned organisations. In order to keep the information published on this page up to date, changes can be reported to

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