Aeronautical Assets

The coastguard can call upon the following resources:

Ministry of Defence
Thetwo Coastguard aircrafts, type Dornier 228-212,  PH-CGN and PH-CGC are managed by the Royal Airforce. Maintenance is done by JetSupport. The pilots are from the Royal Netherlands Navy and Royal Netherlands Airforce and the observers are from various ministries. These aircraft have navigation, communication, tracking, photo and video equipment onboard.

    The tasks are:
    - Support during SAR actions
    - Tracking and Identifying pollution (oil/chemicals) and the source of the pollution.
    - Upholding the law regarding nautical traffic.
    - Maritime traffic research, (Name, ship type, nationality, loaded or empty, port of destination
      and so on) to get an overview of the volume of traffic on the Northsea.

The standard crew is two pilots and two observers onboard these aircraft. 

At the airfield De Kooy near Den Helder Squadron 860 from the Defence Helicopter Command is stationed. This squadron is equipped with the NH-90 helicopters. The NH-90 will not be operational for SAR before 2020. In the mean time the SAR task is performed by private helicopters from Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen that stationed two Eurocopter Dauphin helicopters on airfield De Kooy.

From the Defence Helicopter Command the Netherlands coastguard can call upon helicopters from the type Agusta Bell 412 SPThese helicopters are stationed at airbase Leeuwarden. They are also used for medical transportation from the Frisian islands to hospitals ashore. On January 1st 2015 this squadron will end its activities.

Ministry of Safety and Justice
From the ministry of Safety and Justice the Coastguard centre can call upon 2 police surveillance helicopters for regular patrol flights. The type of helicopter is Agusta Westland AW139.