zeemijnNumerous explosives (bombs, shells, torpedoes and mines) form the first and second World War are still on and in the bottom of the North Sea. Fishing vessels and dredgers regularly catch explosives in their nets and suction pipes. Found explosives can be reported to The Netherlands Coastguard. The Coastguard informs the special departments for countermining of the Ministry of Defence and they will take care that the explosives will be cleared out as soon as possible

Every week an updated list of reported explosives that are not cleared out yet is published on the website of The Netherlands Coastguard. Please click on the date for the latest overview.

October, 9th 2017

Actual overview explosives since april 2005:

Explosives reported:                1705
Countermined:                        1272
Not found:                                423
Open UK area:                            1
Open NL-BE area:                       9


A pdf-file can be opened with Acrobat Reader, download here: